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The Complete Guide to visiting Cornwall 

Cornwall is Known for its attractive beaches, wild moorland landscapes and rugged coastline.  It is one of the iconic tourist destinations of the world. The county is perfect for surfers, walkers, sailors, divers, gourmets and amateur historians. It attracts geographers, oceanographers, geologists and  anyone wanting a break from the hectic world. 

Visiting Cornwall

Cornwall is located in the southwest end of the UK. North of Cornwall's Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel to the south and east of Devon County. Tamarmarks River much of the Cornwall border with Devon. The position of Cornwall states that it has a relatively sunny and warm weather. 

Near the Atlantic Ocean, results in Cornwall have relatively high westerly winds. It has a mild, wet deposition, although less than the most northerly of the west coast of Britain zone. Cornish winters are mild and frost and snow are rare. Most Cornwall has more than 1,500 hours of sunshine annually.

Why Visit Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most favourite and best holiday destinations in the UK. It is a paradise of beauty and a place of inspiration to explore. It offers beaches, the gardens, castles, fine food, breathtaking views, moorlands and woodlands. The many attractions galore, make this county a perfect escapade for leisure. 

Cornwall is perfect if you are looking just to sit back and relax while enjoying a Cornish cream tea. It is equally attractive  for people looking for an adrenal rush with an extreme sport like kitesurfing. This place has many alternatives for you to indulge yourself in the ultimate holiday. 

The beaches in Cornwall are awarded the prestigious blue flags making them some of the best beaches in the country. Eighty percent of Cornwall is surrounded by the sea, with the longest coastline in the UK.

Coasteering and surfing are popular here, and the Boardmasters Surf Festival takes place every year in Newquay. Take a trip to the North Coast and South Coast of Cornwall to discover cheerful towns and villages.

Eden Project Garden

The famous Eden Project Garden is an ideal place to take your family to spend a day of new experiences. It is termed the Eighth Wonder of the World for excellent reasons. The outstanding global garden is the size of thirty football pitches. It is an inspiring place to see the relationship between man and nature.  It offers  a particular insight into humankind's dependence on plant life for survival. This is a remarkable place for kids to learn and have so much fun.

Dairyland Farm World

Do not forget to take your kids to the Dairyland Farm World.  Here you will find lambs, kids, piglets, rabbits and donkeys you can pet, bottle feed and cows you can even milk. There is also a space age Orbiter where you could watch cows being milked in space. The Cornish Heritage Centre at the farm shows you how people used to live and work in the old days. There are rides, playgrounds and nature trails to keep the children's enthusiasm alive. 

The lost garden of Heligan, Springfield Fun Park, National Maritime Museum and Blue Reef Aquarium are some of the other places that deserve your attention.

Minack Theatre

The beautiful Minack Theatre set on the edge of a cliff is an open air theatre, situated in Porthcurno. 

Pendennis Castle

Discover King Henry the VIII's coastal fortress by visiting Pendennis Castle. Explore its underground to see how it was used as a secret base during WWII.

Lanhydrock House

Lanhydrock House and Garden, which is under the National Trust Properties, is a grand stately home. It boasts  fifty rooms with a historical garden of thirty acres. Many different varieties of plants and flowers can be viewed here. 

More Attractions

Don't forget to visit Port Elliot House, Land's End, Flambards, Newquay Zoo and Crealy Great Adventure Park.

Only a few businesses and National Trust properties could survive without tourism in Cornwall. The tourist trade is responsible for breathing life to the hotels, camp sites, restaurants and shops of the place. On weekends alone, an estimated 290,000 visitors sustain Cornwall's economy. Despite the influx of guests during peak weeks, Cornwall's narrow streets and quaint villages never seem to get overcrowded.

You will never have any boring moment during your Cornwall Visit. There are several things to try, restaurants that serve authentic Oriental, Mediterranean and local cuisines and excellent family attractions that you can visit while on Cornwall holidays.

Must See Attractions

Here are some recommendations.

Visiting Cornwall

The Pendennis Castle:

The Pendennis Castle is a great attraction that you should not miss out during your Cornwall holidays. It was recognised as the Small Visitor Attraction of the Year Silver Awardee by the 2009 Cornwall Tourism Awards. Known for its English heritage, the Pendennis Castle bears 450 years of rich history in its fortress. Experts said that this was once inhabited by Henry the 8th and became one of the military bases during the 2nd World War. Today, it was refurbished and made more accessible for holidaying families. A Discovery Centre was constructed to offer activities that will bring the guests closer to Cornwall's history. Some of the popular spots within the Pendennis Castle include lofty battlements and mighty Tudor gun deck. Here you can discover the sights and sound of battle. You will also find a World War I Guardhouse with cells and large windows that will allow you to peak at breathtaking sceneries all over Falmouth. 

The Blue Reef Aquarium:

An award-winning attraction. Blue Reef Aquarium has risen to popularity with recommendations given by the Cornwall Tourism Board. Situated near your Cornwall holiday cottages, the Blue Reef Aquarium is a great place to take the kids during your Newquay holidays. You will be positively dazzled with the undersea safari extravagance within the Blue Reef Aquarium. From starfish to stingrays, the bountiful marine life will surely leave you amazed. The breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean is also available here.

Flambards Village Park:

The Flambards Village Theme Park is a popular tourist attraction located in the town of Helston in Cornwall. When it first opened in 1976, it was known as the Cornwall Aero Park but even then, it has been drawing crowds from all over the world. Whether you are young or old, you can have a great time here. Enjoy the fabulous views and sounds of the park. Participate in exciting activities here and just have a blast during your Newquay holidays. Take pictures of your family and have a good laugh as you stroll around the park. A war gallery inside the park is displaying a vast collection of various models of aircraft. Some original aircraft designs have been on display here since the park was first opened to the public. A Concorde fuselage can also be seen here. 

Tamar Valley Donkey Park:

Animal lovers will love the Tama Valley, Donkey Park. Leave the Cornwall holiday cottages early in the morning and spend the whole day here. You can see about 30 donkeys living here, but it is also home to various animals such as rabbits, goats, pigs, sheep, and much more. It is like being on a farm and being surrounded by adorable animals which you can touch, feed, and take pictures with your children.

Brocklands Adventure Park:

The Brocklands Adventure Park is another must-visit place during your stay at the Cornwall holiday. Since 1977, it has been offering great rides to everyone and even greater view of nature around the area. You can get in all the rides that you want and just have a thrilling adventure of your life during your Newquay holidays. Or you can stroll the grounds, get in touch with nature, and take pictures of the fantastic sceneries. The Wildlife Walk is not only relaxing but also good for your health. 

Local Beaches

People travel from all over the world to visit the beaches in Cornwall. Here is a description of the beaches you will find when you come to visit.

Porthkidney Beach:

The beach its located just south of St Ives and next to the popular Carbis Bay, Porthkidney. It is accessible from the point at low tide - is a far quieter and even bigger sandy beach. It is sheltered by Hawk Point and the dunes behind. The reason it has remained hidden so long may well be due to the complicated access.  For those not lucky enough to beat the tide - you have to instead navigate their way through the golf course to the south. This walk is certainly worth it, however, and the beach is a welcome respite during the summer months.

Pedn Vounder:

Similarly, Pedn Vounder can also be likened to the turquoise coves of Greece or perhaps further afield. Situated near (and even bigger than) Porthcurno, Pedn Vounder can be reached easily at low tide but also from the coast path above at any other time. It is unique in many ways, not least its features of sand bars and shallow pools which warm up in the sun but can be treacherous in stormy weather. Additionally, the secluded cove is an unofficial naturist beach.


Located near to the famous town of Falmouth, Grebe (just up the Helford Passage) is a small shingle beach frequented by local bathers and sailing enthusiasts. Although much narrower (particularly at the high tide) Grebe is longer than nearby coves around Mawnan.  Thus it makes the distance between visitors seem much sparser. Access is easy with a nearby national trust car park - and a lovely tree-covered footpath down to the beach. Grebe is a real Cornish secret.

Places to Visit

There are many things to see and do here from historic sites to museums and gardens; it is a place that attempts something for everyone. Even though there are hundreds of tourist attractions to visit and towns to explore, here, we will outline 5 of Cornwall's greatest places to visit. This will give you an introduction into what Cornwall has to offer.

Eden Project in St Austell:

Eden is an enormous global garden homed in tropical biomes, the size of 30 football pitches. Eden Project offers views and smells of the rainforest, tropical plants and simulated environments of tropical places all across the world. The Eden Project is a highly entertaining and educational way for kids and grown-ups alike to learn about the environment. You certainly need a day here to appreciate it fully.

Carnglaze Slate Caverns:

These caverns are decades old and were built by local slate miners. The caverns house a huge subterranean lake whose clear blue-green waters are a view to behold. The site also offers woodland walks and gardens. There is also an experimental theatre and an impressive selection of minerals. At least half a day would be need to explore all this mystical charm has to offer.

Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium: 

The aquarium surveys of the Atlantic Ocean. It lets you explore themed displays of the huge variety of animals that inhabit the ocean. Here you can also listen to advisory talks, watch feeding displays. You can learn about conservation or walk through a tunnel in the centre of a tropical tank, come face to face with sharks and panfish.

National Maritime Museum in Falmouth:

This museum commemorates everything to do with the sea. You can explore boats and submarines, lectures about the history of diving and allows you to view the waves from below the water's surface. 

Pendennis Castle:

Last but not least is Pendennis Castle in Falmouth. This magnificent fortress is 450 years old and gives hours of interest for all the family. Explore the castle's history at the Discovery Centre with interactive activities for guests of all ages.

Local Towns and Villages

This region is famous for its various towns and villages. You may have been to one of them, but have you been to them all? Here are Top 24 different local towns and villages in Cornwall that you should reconsider visiting now.

Visiting Cornwall

St. Ives

This town is in the far west of Cornwall. It has marvellous beaches and cobbled streets.


Here you can watch fisherman, bask in the sun, and just enjoy relaxing.


This village is full of amazing whitewashed cottages in a valley that tumbles into the harbour.


This town is best now for the May Day Obby Oss.


This region guards the entrance to the Carrick Roads.


Here you will find legends of King Arthur and his Castle ruins.


Also in the far West. The area has a beautiful harbour.


A Norman castle guards this region. It sits on the peak of a hill and has narrow streets around the town.


This is the area to go if you want to experience West Cornwall and the Scillies.


A great place for sailors.


This town has 3 miles of sand.

Port Isaac

This town is in North Cornwall. Great for walking and site seeing.


Home to a bay, lots of sand, and a lighthouse.


The place to go if you want to surf.


The streets rise from the water's edge. It is very popular among sailors.


This place has a great harbour and narrow streets.


A popular destination for families.


You will discover the largest fishing port in Cornwall here.


Sits along the North Cornish Coast.


The country's capital.


The village sits on the River Camel.


Sits on the edge of the Bodmin Moor.


A village with old style charm.

St. Agnes

If you want to walk, come here.

Night Life

Cornwall nightspots are nearby several of the public transportation access points. These are near the centre of several towns in the county of Cornwall.

Pub Hopping at the Star Inn Bar:

This is a very popular bar. It has been around for a very long time serving the best local beers, ales and lagers brewed in Newquay and Cornwall. It also offers products produced in the other parts of the United Kingdom. This is one of the more experienced and tested bars of the area. The well and fully stocked bar at the Star Inn is not just stocked with cold beer. There is a selection of different liquors and whisky and brandy both imported and local. A night out at the Star Inn Bar is truly an exciting experience during your holidays and will prove to be very memorable.

Rick Steins Fish Restaurant:

Cornwall holiday will not be complete without eating at Rick Steins. Seafood is the name of the game in this restaurant, and everything is good and superb every time. This has to be one of Cornwall's best dining establishments.

Newquay at Night!

If you're looking for good nightlife in Cornwall, then Newquay is the place to go. This seacoast town on the North Coast has an excellent selection of pubs, bars and nightclubs.  So you'll be sure to discover something to suit your taste.

Open Air Theatre: 

If you're visiting Cornwall during the summer months, then I'd suggest having a look to view what plays are on at Stert's Theatre. On a beautiful summer's night this is a pleasant and enjoyable way to spend the evening. To make a night out of it, there is a large grassy area to enjoy a picnic before the show.

The Blue Anchor:

The blue anchor is renowned for being the oldest pub in the UK which still brews its beer. Options include the regular, the medium and the extra strong. I am rather prejudiced to the medium one. Situated in Helston, it's tucked away in one of the main streets in Helston and has a rather small facade.

Eating Out

Should in case you don't want to cook during your Newquay holidays, there are several fine restaurants where you can dine out and enjoy a great meal. Here are a few restaurants you can try while you are here.

Mannings Bar & Restaurant:

Mannings Bar and Restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy a great meal with your friends or family during your holidays. The restaurant is located near the Cornwall holiday cottages and is open morning, afternoon and night. There are several delicious dishes available on the menu each day. Fresh fish, prime rib steaks, sizzling platters and excellent service are some of the things you can expect at this restaurant.

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall:

Fifteen Cornwall is a fine restaurant that serves delicious Italian dishes. The restaurant has a nice comfortable ambience and is one of the popular restaurants in Cornwall. The restaurant is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Viners Bar & Restaurant:

Viners Restaurant is located in a peaceful 17th-century farmhouse in Cornwall, not far from the Cornwall holiday cottages. The restaurant is perfect for a nice quiet meal or a family event. The restaurant uses only the finest ingredients including the best seafood and meats. The restaurant is open as from Tuesday to Sunday and is a place you must try during your Newquay holidays. 

Top 10 Things to Do In Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most famous counties in England. It is situated right at the tip of the south-west peninsula. It has an unyielding history and is known as one of the Celtic nations, retaining a very distinct cultural identity. 

1. Minack Theatre

Porthcurno, Penzance. This is a globally famous cliff-side theatre that is open aired. The 750 seated fully furnished auditorium hosts a season of plays and musicals from May to September.

2. Penlee House Gallery and Museum

Penzance. This is set in the beautiful Penlee Gardens and is the only public gallery in Cornwall specialising in the Newlyn School artists. These artists include Elizabeth Forbes and Stanhope, Harold Harvey, Laura Knight and Walter Langley.

3. O'Neill Surf Academy

Watergate Bay, Newquay. This is a licensed surf school that offers surf experiences for adults and kids of all levels of expertise.

4. Tintagel Castle

Tintagel. This castle is situated on a dramatic coastline.  It offers beautiful, strong stout walls with steep stone steps which encircle the Great Hall.

5. Witchcraft Museum

Boscastle. This spellbinding and unique museum houses the world's biggest collection of witchcraft materials. It has been exiting for more than fifty years and it is one of Cornwall’s most popular museums.

6. Cotehele (National Trust)

St Dominick, Saltash. This perfect medieval Tudor home has several stories and legends behind its popularity. It has incredible collections of textiles, armour and furniture. Cotehele  is set in large gorgeously maintained grounds.

7. The Lost Gardens of Heligan

This garden is one of the most wonderful restored estates. You will find extensive Victorian grounds with a subtropical jungle valley with fascinating foliage. There is also  a wildlife conservation project, woodland, wetland and farm all in the middle of a Cornwall countryside!

8. Newquay Zoo 

Newquay. Discover over 130 species of animals set in lakeside gardens. Meet species such as mongooses, penguins, lemurs, ostriches, the big cats, snakes, zebras, meerkats and birds, to name a few.

9. National Maritime Museum

Falmouth. This is an exceptional attraction that appeals to all ages. It is just not all about seeing boats.  It has hands-on activities, immersive audio-visual events, sailing cruises, talks, special exhibitions and so on.

10. The Eden Project

Bodelva. This is the globally acclaimed world's biggest greenhouse. It is an ecological project that helps build awareness about nature and is an unforgettable experience.

We hope that you have Found our Guide useful

We have created this Visitors Guide to Cornwall to help you get the most  out of your visit to our beautiful county. This guide was too big to fit on one page, so we have continued it in part 2. Please click the link below to read more.

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