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The Complete Guide to Cornwall : Part 2 

We continue our guide to the many attractions in Cornwall below. This part of the guide includes Family days out,  Activities ,A History of Cornwall, Walking Tours and Boat Tours.

Family Days Out

You will never run out of family attractions to visit when you go to Cornwall. There are a lot of things you can go to especially when you are staying at the popular Cornwall holiday cottages. We all know that Part of the joy of a vacation is exploring the different dining options.  So you must try out the different cuisines available in Cornwall. Here are some places you might be interested in going.

Visiting Cornwall

Mannings Restaurant:

Mannings Restaurant is one of the most well-known restaurants in Cornwall. It specialises in English cuisine with French and European influences. The recipies use spices from different parts of the world and various styles of cooking. The restaurant is located in the town centre, so it is quite easy to go to. Some of the recipes that you must try include Cornish hand cut fillet steak with roasted plum tomato and wild mushrooms. Or you could try warm chicken fillet with pork sausage, cranberry mayonnaise, thyme, mustard seed on carrot bread sandwich.

Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Museum:

This is one place that you can learn from.  You can explore their large collection of weapons, military uniforms and other war memorabilia from the different wars that England joined. The library and archive are where most people do their research work.  It contains a huge collection of books and artefacts. The museum is open for visitors from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can take the day tour which will take you throughout the entire museum.

Chysauster Ancient Village:

The Chysauster Ancient Village is an interesting English village. It is considered as the oldest village in the entire country. There is homestead or stone-walled ruins that were built about 3000 years ago ( between 100 BC to 3rd century AD ) by the Dumnonii Tribe of Cornish Britons. Even back then, the architecture of these houses was already very advanced.

Crealy Adventure Park:

This is the perfect day out for the family. There are some wild rides and mythical adventures to keep all the family entertained. If the weather turns sour, there are two huge indoor play areas. There is even a Toddler Zone for the litter ones.

Dairy Land:

Situated in Newquay, Dairy Land has a host of things to do. Children can enjoy visiting a large number of animals, ride the ponies and even have the chance to milk the cows! Also, there is an adventure playground and a nature trail to keep you occupied.


Cornwall is such an outdoors place, and in every corner of the County, you will find something to get your cardio workout! From swimming to running, from rock climbing to abseiling and kayaking to kiting.

Beautiful Blue Flag beaches:

If it is a seaside holiday with plenty of sand and clear blue waters you are after, Cornwall boasts five internationally recognised Blue Flag beaches.

Sailing, surfing and swimming:

If your family enjoy all things in and out of the water, family holidays in Cornwall are ideal. Cornwall is a mecca for maritime enthusiasts, and there are plenty of water sports to try for beginners through to experts.

Classic Sailing holidays

Join these classic Sailing holidays. Exciting voyages in wooden boats and tall ships.

Fab Family Days out: 

Cornwall is alive with family-friendly activities. As well as trying your hand at sailing, kayaking and climbing, North Cornwall is home to magical Tintagel Castle. This is  the legendary hometown of King Arthur. Whist south Cornwall holds the world-famous Eden Project - a huge hub of eco-fun things to do - including botanical gardens, live music and arts and crafts.

Family feasts: 

Cornwall is well-known for its sumptuous seafood and organic produce.

The Fowey Kayaking at Active -8:

Staying at the Cornwall holiday cottages give you convenient access to the different water sports attractions in the county. One of the most popular of all water sports is kayaking. Kayaking around the coast of Cornwall can prove to be relaxing ways to spend time alone or with friends and family.

Wet and Wild Day:

Are you are looking for a more adrenaline pumping experience during your Newquay holidays? Then spending your time "coasteering" is the solution. This term is used for people that engage in different outdoor sports activities that include sports that are engaged in and out of the water.

Horse Riding:

A horse riding centre is a nice place to have fun during your Newquay holidays. It is located just an hour drive from your Cornwall holiday cottages. For those who want to learn to ride a horse, this is a good venue for that.

Paddle Boarding:

If you have already settled in your Cornwall holiday cottages, it is time for some adrenaline buzzing action with paddle boating. After you try horse riding, this activity will surely give you and your kids a grand time as well.


If you have never tried canoeing, visit the Active 8 Centre in St. Austell. It is just a short drive away from the comfortable Mevagissey holiday cottages. After a hearty breakfast, take any public transport going to St. Austell and have a whole day of fun and adventure at Active 8 Centre.

Crealy Adventure Park:

Maximum fun guaranteed for all the family and all ages. The park is split into six fabulous realms: Animal, Wild Water, Enchanted, Heritage, Adventure and Natural. There's something for everyone to enjoy!

History of Cornwall

Many people love Cornwall, and they go there quite often to enjoy the beauty and the history of the place. It's a beautiful setting to learn about historical battles and the kinds of things that took place many years ago. 

Visiting Cornwall

Pre-Roman inhabitants were the first people to arrive in Cornwall. After the Romans had ruled the region for quite some time, there was a period where there were Celtic chieftains who controlled it. 

In the middle Ages, Cornwall became part of England and was eventually incorporated into the UK and Great Britain. Many legendary and pseudo-historical works also talk about Cornwall. Upland areas were settled first because there was little vegetation there, so it was much easier to clear them.

There are still monuments to that time available to the public now. A lot of people go to Cornwall each year so that they can see these pieces of history and learn about the people who used to call that area their home.

As times evolved so did, Cornwall and different people moved in and took over. Many of these people were individuals who started working with the land - farming it and tilling it because they wanted to grow new things.  

The Iron Age brought a lot of that. There are still remnants of the equipment that they used back then, and these things can be found today. They offer even further insight into what the people were like during that time and how they lived off the land.

Museums in Cornwall today show much of this progression, but there are also pieces of this period that can be found in fields in the area. The area has been shaped by religion and politics, and also by a tsunami that came through in 1755. There is evidence of the water rising very rapidly in many places and eventually receding.

The main reason that Cornwall has such rich history, though, is because so many different kinds of people have lived there throughout time. It has affected the landscape with monuments and the people who share a history and a past unlike most other places around the world.

Walking Tours

Let’s go - walking tour holidays in Cornwall!

The Tamar:

Many visitors overlook the Tamar because they tend to travel through it to their destination further west. This is a shame because it is one of the most stunning valleys in the Southern region and unique. 

Consequently, the valley has been named as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  It boasts dramatic forest covered valley sides, high cliffs, and great riverside walks. Culturally, the area has a rich past. It was steeped in mining (due to the abundance of tin, copper, tungsten and lead) and strawberry growing (due to the temperate climate). Plus, if you don't want to walk - you can catch the train along the valley from Gunnislake to Plymouth.

The Roseland Peninsula: 

The Roseland is situated on the south coast of Cornwall near the capital of Truro. It is a great destination for those seeking unspoilt and picturesque villages. It is perfect for those eager to escape the other more bustling Cornish towns such as Newquay and Falmouth. There is more than the typical attractions such as fishing and boating. Walkers will find that there is a great area to explore on the coast and inland.  You will find an array of near-Mediterranean flowers to be discovered and places of historical interest such as St. Mawes castle.

The Lizard:

The Lizard is famed for containing the southernmost point of mainland UK. Similar to the Tamar and the Roseland, the area boasts a unique ecology. This gives rise to some rare species such as the Chough (a red-beaked crowd), the Formicine Ant and the Cornish Heath that grows nowhere else in Britain. Walkers can explore this flora and fauna at Predannick Nature Reserve and the Hayle Kimbro Pool. But visitors are also likely to be drawn to the coast and Kynance Cove in particular.

West Cornwall Coast Path:

Of course, choosing the nicest stretch of the Cornish coast to explore is something of a futile task. But the stretch along the West is particularly breathtaking. The area takes in such beaches as Carbis Bay and Whitesands which is popular with surfers. Attractive villages such as Mousehole and the town of Marazion offer a beautiful harbour and St. Michael's Mount respectively.

Boat Tours

Find out about the many boat tours in Cornwall!

Barry Mundy's Boat:

A fisherman in Cornwall offers boat trips on the beautiful coast of the rugged Mullion. On the tours, you may either try your hand at catching some fish or simply relax, sit back and enjoy the views.

Cornish Day Sailing:

They offers day sailing, cruising and private book such as Falmouth, on-board S/Y Olympus - a lovely 47ft Offshore Cruising Ketch. A skipper and crew will look after you, and invite you to have a try at sailing yourself if you would like to.

Cornish Sea Tours:

They offers rib sea safari boat trips and Energy Rock and Padstow. On their trips, they always see lots of wildlife. This  includes basking sharks, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sunfish and even puffins. Binoculars are fitted so that you can see them close up!

Dive right Services:

They are based on Hayle Divewright offer scenic tours north Cornish coast on-board, completely furnished 33 foot Aquabell, based at Hayle. On your trip, you will see many types of birdlife, seals and possibly even basking sharks and dolphin. You will also notice picturesque coves along the coastline, several of which are inaccessible from the land.

Falmouth Water Taxi:

Falmouth Aquacab is a great water taxi service. This takes visitors to the FAL estuary, which drop off and pick up at many points in and around Truro, Falmouth and St Mawes. It can seat up to 12 passengers.  

St Ives Boats:

St Ives Boat offer skippered boat tours aboard the blue boat Dolly P.  It is powered by a 350hp engine for fun, fast, stable and comfortable b

We hope that you have Found our Guide useful

We have created this Visitors Guide to Cornwall to help you get the most  out of your visit to our beautiful county. This guide was too big to fit on one page, so we split it over two pages. You can read more in Part 1. Please click the link below to read more.

If you would like to enjoy the many attractions of Cornwall, Bay View Camping offer various camping options for you. We provide glamping holidays in out camping snugs. This means that you can enjoy the fun of camping without the stress. Please visit our website to book your camping pod today.