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Wednesday 20th of June 2018

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What are the advantages of camping pods?

For cheap glamping holidays, a camping pod offers all the fun of camping without a tent.If you are looking at staying at Bay View Camping and have seen our camping pods then you may be wondering the benefits to staying in such a strange looking thing. Is it really camping or is it a small log cabin? Well it is a combination of both really.

The first benefit that you might expect out of a camping pod (also known as a camping snug) is that after a long drive there is nothing to set up, no tent, no electric for a caravan or anything else that you have to set up for a caravan. All you have to do is unroll your sleeping bag open that bottle of wine and enjoy the view and relax.

Another benefit is that ours will comfortably fit a family, 2 adults and 2 children, with a lot of space to relax, inside and out, so children of any age will love it as they will have their own space and not have to share a tent with their smelly brother or sister!

Cheap Glamping Holidays

There are many more benefits to camping snugs another being that they are completely weatherproof, you won't be awoken but rain or wind hitting the canvas of your tent and they stay relatively cool in the summer as well.

All of our camping pods are set up with electric and you can access our free Wi-Fi and so if you would like to relax and enjoy the view you can, or if you are an avid walker and are coming to Cornwall for the great hiking then you can walk in the door and get comfortable straight away.

For the most comfortable nights camping ever choose our camping pods, you'll be glad you did! For any more information please do get in touch.

We offer cheap glamping holidays in Cornwall. If you are planning a visit to Cornwall, you can enjoy glamping by staying in one of our camnping pods which offer fantastic coastal views of Looe Bay.