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Wednesday 20th of June 2018

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Find out about glamping pods Looe Bay. Our camping site is perfect for visitors to Cornwall located near wonderful coastline and beaches.


The story of Bay View Farm begins in 1971 when a young Cornish farmer called Mike was looking for a bull for sale and heard of one in the Looe area which sounded perfect. 

He went to have a look and something took his breath away, not the bull as that idea was quickly forgotten about but the view, the view from the run down was absolutely incredible and he ran home to tell his wife he had found their retirement home.

That evening when he returned and began to tell his young wife Liz about the perfect retirement farm she gently reminded him that they had over 30 years before they could even consider talking about retiring, Mike reluctantly forgot about the dream and continue working.

But then one day in 1999 and Mike now sporting a few grey whiskers was flicking though the Corishman newspaper and happen upon the very same farm from all those years ago up for auction, the start bid was a little too high for Mike but when it didn’t sell under the hammer Mike contacted the vendors.


Liz and Mike are now the proud owners of a farm Mike would have happily bought over 40 years ago, they have made the farm in to a beautiful place to camp and stay and their passion for the place really shines through. It is no chore for them to run the campsite, it is simply their dream.

The farm is no longer run down and it is just as wonderful as the view Mike fell in love with all those years ago, if the view here made Mike and Liz buy a farm I wonder what it will evoke in you?

If you are looking for glamping pods Looe Bay, our Cornwall camp site is the perfect place to stay. Call us today on 01503 265 922 to book your glamping holiday